Saturday, February 25, 2012

NTT Explains Outage and its $1.5B Corrective Action

Last month NTT DoCoMo experienced network outage due to smartphone signaling storm originated by an Android VoIP appication (see "VoIP Signaling Crashed NTT DoCoMo; Asks Google to help" - here). 

So probably help from Google was not enough, and NTT decided to "optimize resource allocation of packet switches, to expand the number of signals that can be processed", by mid August 2012, for ¥2B, and to "expand the capacity of packet switches and increase installation of packet switching system capable of accommodating 50M smartphones"  for another ¥120B, to be completed by 2014. Both totaled to $1.5B, and NTT also provided an explanation of the problem itself.

NTT decided to solve the problem by expanding network capacity, however vendors claim for a better solution (although I am sure someone is happy with the "brute force" solution) - see "[NSN]: Chatty Android Phones should Move on to Network Controlled Fast Dormancy" - here

See "Response to Series on Network Malfunctions" - here.

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