Friday, February 24, 2012

PCRF Announcements: Comverse Adds Policy Creation Graphic Tool; Integrates with Billing

Comverse announced ".. Mobile Internet Data Management and Monetization (DMM) Policy Studio to help service providers streamline the creation and implementation of data plans to improve the user experience and drive data revenues .. The DMM Policy Studio is designed to significantly accelerate creation, testing and implementation of customer-centric plans and innovative approaches to marketing by speaking the language and sharing the mindset of operator marketing teams. The attractive self-explanatory graphic interface [see screenshot below] can enable even the most non-technical marketers to begin rolling out superior revenue-accelerating data plans intuitively and quickly – with practically no learning curve".

Using the Policy Studio, the CSP marketer can choose from a multitude of segmented plan templates .. divided to categories .. Examples are Basic Tiering, Prepaid Experience, Parental Services, Upsell, Sharing, Priority Services and Two-Sided Models with OTT Providers.
Like previous announcements from HP, Openet and Amdocs, Comverse also emphasizes its combined policy management-billing/charging integration - "Tight linkage between policy management / policy enforcement and Comverse ONE® BSS differentiates the solution with a unified approach that can boost agility — expanding the range of functionalities and policy-based services while reducing costs"

See "Comverse Introduces Mobile Internet Data Management & Monetization Policy Studio to Accelerate Creation of Revenue-Boosting Data Plans" - here.


  1. this is so untrue. all this "fast or short Time ti market" is nonsense. all of pcrf vendors dont tell you that you need to create rules on DPI or other PCEF. this takes time and you doesnt short TTM.

  2. Erik de Groot (BroadForward)February 24, 2012 at 8:42 AM

    Creating policies is not a challenge, getting the information required to select the right policy is. For example, it takes a minute to create a policy that depends on location, but properly integrating the PCRF with a location system could easily take months. Remember that integration is just not only about technology, it is also about making different vendors and departments work together... In the majority of cases integration is on the critical path when operators want to introduce new subscriptions, not writing the policies.

  3. Comverse is not only a PCRF vendor. Comverse’s solution includes enforcement elements like DPI Traffic Manager and Application-Gateway that are already integrated with the PCRF in a manner which implements many of the business use cases out-of-the-box. This really allows launching new segmented plans and modifying existing ones in a quick and agile manner.
    The DMM Policy Studio that Comverse just introduced brings this framework to the operator’s marketers, so the marketer does not need to deal with entities like Radius Attributes or Gy Rating Groups, and can define segmented plans using a language he is comfortable with.

  4. Erik de Groot (BroadForward)March 1, 2012 at 7:41 AM

    I understand, but this only works when the operator buys your complete portfolio... How likely is that?
    Trying to sell "fully integrated" solutions does not solve the problem, it only introduces vendor lock-in which is not in the operator's interest.