Monday, February 27, 2012

DSR Market - 5 New Wins for Tekelec (there is life outside the US)

Tekelec continues to announce new customers (anonymous, unfortunately) for its Diameter Signaling Router

Following last week press releases (see "DSR Market - Follow-on Order and New Tier1 for Tekelec" - here) the company reports now 5 new customers, this time from other regions of the world as well:
  • Two Asia-Pacific tier one operators that will use the DSR’s core routing and roaming capabilities for their LTE networks.
  • A tier-one Western European operator that is testing core LTE network routing with the DSR. The operator began testing LTE last year.
  • A Mexican wireless operator testing several Diameter traffic routing scenarios for its 3G network.
  • A Canadian tier one LTE operator.
Tekelec says that "Nine service providers have selected 13 DSR systems from the company. Four of the customers are U.S. LTE providers". The latter includes Verizon Wireless and MetroPCS.

See "Tekelec wins five new diameter signaling router customers" - here.

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