Monday, February 27, 2012

BroadForward Offers "Policy Gateway" - Connectivity to Broadband, Policy, Charging or IT interface

BroadForward announced the "BFX Broadband Policy Gateway enables connections to and from virtually any Broadband, Policy, Charging or IT interface, straight out-of-the-box. BFX features a rich set of translation, mediation and service logic functions for a wide range of protocols, such as Diameter, XML/HTTP, SOAP and Radius. The availability and flexibility of on-board protocols and functions prevents high customisation costs or upgrades associated with EPC, IMS or BSS systems that are required to fit within targeted Policy Control architectures. Either standalone or as embedded software, BFX can simultaneously handle multiple connections and roles on different interfaces in the operator’s network, at a small footprint". 

See "BroadForward announces BFX, the world’s first Broadband Policy Gateway" - here.

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