Sunday, February 19, 2012

NI Announcements: Dialogic Measures Perceptual Quality of Mobile Video

As video, and especially streaming video, is now the most important mobile application, its quality is certainly an issue - which may reflect on subscriber satisfaction and churn (see "Survey: Subscribers Say that Operators are responsible for Bad Video QoE" - here), and the ability to monetize on it and increase ARPU (for example for OTT video - here).

The first thing is to understand if you have a problem, by measuring, monitoring and reporting performance. We have seen network based products for that (e.g. Sandvine and Bytemobile).

Now, Dialogic is launching a new solution, with a different, client-based approach. The vendor announced the launch of ".. software solution to measure and track the perceptual quality of mobile video. The Dialogic® VisionVideo™ Software Solution enables companies that deliver mobile video services to determine the perceptual quality of experience (QoE) being received by viewers .. the VisionVideo Software Solution measures and reports perceptual mobile video quality as experienced by viewers. VisionVideo provides important information for diagnosing and isolating problems and targeting perceptual quality issues. By delivering a high-quality mobile video QoE, service providers and other companies can help better position themselves to retain customers and build a positive brand image around quality".

See "Dialogic Launches Unique Software Solution to Measure and Track Viewers' Mobile Video Quality of Experience" - here.

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