Sunday, February 5, 2012

[Yankee Group] How does Vodafone [Successfully] Address Mobile Data Growth?

Declan Lonergan (pictured), research VP, Yankee Group, explains that ".. Four key elements are required to successfully address the mobile data growth and profitability challenge: smartphone penetration, data pricing, traffic management and customer experience. These four encompass the most important initiatives—and should be the operators’ priorities. Vodafone is actively addressing each of these areas".

".. Traffic management: Vodafone is implementing Web and video optimization in nine of its European markets. The company claims this has helped it achieve data volume reductions ranging from 15-30 percent. It also continues to invest heavily in its 3G network infrastructure, and is ramping up LTE investments. The net effect is that Vodafone’s data traffic is on a sustainable path. .."

".. For Vodafone, smartphones and data services are central to competitive differentiation, revenue growth and profitability. The company is already demonstrating that mobile data can be an attractive business, albeit one that requires careful monitoring of customer lifetime spending and profitability".

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