Friday, February 17, 2012

Tekelec and Tecnotree Integrate their "Independent Policy and Charging Systems"

Two of my recent guest posts - "Policy and Charging: The Value of Independence" (here) by Tekelec and "Why Not a Single Vendor for Policy and Charging Controls?" (here) by Openet, probably represent a new marketing battle between the major policy vendors.

It started more than a year ago by Openet (see "S.O.S Call from Openet" - here) and shifted gear when Amdocs acquired Bridgewater Systems and differentiated itself with the value of integrated policy and charging (see "Amdocs Integrates BWS - Introduces a Charging and Policy Management Solution" - here). Infonetics Research helped Amdocs with this positioning as well (see "Infonetics Believes in an "integrated policy/charging solution" - here).

Loyal to its position, Tekelec announced an integrated solution with Tecnotree Corporation - ".. successful interoperability testing between Tekelec's Policy Server (PCRF) and Tecnotree's Real-Time Convergent Charging system. This is the first announced integration between independent policy and charging vendors over the proposed Sy interface. This gives mobile service providers the scalability and Diameter signaling efficiency required to grow their mobile data networks and deliver personalized data plans" 

Source: Openet
" .. The 3GPP and member organizations – including Tekelec and Tecnotree – are developing the Sy interface to improve Diameter-based communications between the PCRF and online charging systems (OCS). The new standard interface is being introduced this year .. The new Sy (see chart) standard provides several advantages to service providers compared with proprietary, pre-integrated approaches .. Improved scalability .. Signaling efficiency .. Flexible usage tracking .. [and] Reduced costs".

See "Tekelec and Tecnotree integrate independent policy and charging systems" - here.

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