Wednesday, February 15, 2012

DPI Win: Procera Enforces SLA for Cloud Services in Asia

I believe that the following announcement from Procera Networks shows a new direction for the use of application and subscriber-aware traffic management and reporting solutions - managing traffic for "Cloud Services".

While DPI companies sold such solutions in the past (when it was simply called "hosting" or "co-location"), it wasn't a great success. Now, with the popularity of cloud services there is not reason why bandwidth consumption wont be one of the measured and charged items of the service, and traffic will be prioritized based on its business value, the same way storage and CPU cycles are used.
Procera announced that ".. it has received and deployed an initial order from a Tier-1 Asian Fixed/Mobile operator for a Cloud Services deployment. This operator serves more than 20 million fixed/mobile subscribers across their coverage footprint, and these cloud services apply to their customers as well as hosting subscribers .. The IPE deployment for the cloud service is focused on enforcing service level agreements (SLAs) for hosting customers and measuring bandwidth usage for billing purposes. Each customer is provided with detailed reports from PacketLogic Report Studio [here] that cover the applications being used to access their hosting service, the traffic load and peak values, as well as the delivered QoE, which can include packet loss on the Internet ".

See "New Tier-1 Asian Fixed/Mobile Operator Selects Procera For Cloud Services Deployment" - here.

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