Thursday, February 9, 2012

CDN/Cache Announcements: Limelight Launched Managed CDN Platform, with Cache


Last year, Akamai announced it will license its technology to carriers (here), and experts said it should add transparent caching capabilities as well (here); other vendors also announced integrated CDN-transparent cache solutions (see discussion here).
Now, Limelight Networks adds another way to combine CDN and local caching to carriers. The CDN services company announced the "formal launch of Limelight Deploy, a Managed CDN Platform offering. Limelight Deploy enables network operators, access networks, content aggregators, and enterprises to gain control over the rapidly increasing content on their networks and quickly deploy revenue-generating CDN services integrated with a rich set of cloud-based services such as website and application acceleration, storage, web and video management"

"Limelight Deploy offers Immediate access to best-in-class CDN scale, technology, and capacity and Efficient, fast, multi-format caching—Web caching for HTTP, HTTPS, Flash, and Windows Media with market proven scale for local delivery"

See "Limelight Networks(R) Launches Limelight Deploy as Managed CDN Platform for Network Operators, Access Networks, Content Aggregators, and Enterprises"- here.

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