Monday, February 13, 2012

Verizon Wireless adds Self-Care Usage Control to Family Data Plans

 Openet published recently the ".. results of a survey on how mobile operators use smartphones to engage with subscribers. The online survey generated responses from senior managers employed by the world’s largest mobile operators, including Telstra, T-Mobile, Telefonica and Verizon Wireless. The survey found that although most operators offer mobile self-care portals, they are primarily used as a one-way communication tool, and are not architected as an engagement opportunity for individual users .. Today’s self-care options aren’t providing the two-way conversation that is critical to gathering information needed to create, upsell and cross sell personalized services". 

See "Openet Survey Reveals Lack of Direct Engagement Between Mobile Operators and Customers" - here.
While the following announcement from Verizon Wireless might not be what Openet had in mind, it does demonstrate a closer relations with the customer, even if the result is actually less services consumed. 
Verizon's announced a new service ".. To help customers manage their wireless budgets and stay on top of their wireless usage and their families’ as well, Verizon Wireless offers a service called Usage Controls, now more powerful with new tools to help manage megabyte usage and content purchases such as games, application downloads and ringtones. For $4.99 per line per month, customers can control data usage as well as how much, when and with whom family members are communicating".
"Usage Controls help customers keep a tight rein on their accounts’ usage .. Usage Allowances – Families or individuals can control wireless budgets with monthly usage allowances on each controlled line for voice minutes, messaging, data and content purchases such as ringtones, games and downloads. They’ll receive free text message alerts when limits are nearing and when they are reached. Once the allowance is reached, there is also an option to restrict usage". 
See "Verizon Wireless Offers New Tools to Help Customers Manage Data Usage, Content Purchases and More" - here.

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