Sunday, February 26, 2012

Optimization Announcements: Skyfire Adds Audio and Image Optimization; Can rest now!

Historically, optimization solutions started with text, image and then moved to video. The younger players jumped directly on the most lucrative media - Video, but it seems that they still need to go the basics, and provide the full solution.

Skyfire (see "Optimization Market: Verizon Invests in Skyfire" - hereannounced that it added "image and audio optimization to its carrier-grade product line.. Skyfire’s [existing] video optimization solution increases effective network capacity by 25-30 percent across RAN and network core. With the addition of image and audio support, Skyfire can increase network capacity by an additional 10 percent for a total of up to 40 percent capacity increase".

With that, Skyfire believes its work has been completed: "Skyfire analysis shows that video, images, and audio together make up more than 90 percent of the bits on the web that can be optimized. As for the rest, most modern web servers already compress HTML, Javascript, XML and other text-heavy content and the approximately 2 percent on potential savings does not justify the cost of deploying text compression services in the network".

See "Loud and Clear: Skyfire Rocket 2.0 Platform Gets Enhanced With Image and Audio Optimization" - here.

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