Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Movik Demos RAN Awareness Solution

As we are approaching  MWC 2012, the stream of products announcements is growing. While last year I spotted the trend of moving DPI based mobile traffic management solutions closer to the subscribers, this year vendors try to get more granular, and track subscriber mobility for a more accurate traffic management.  

I recently covered several mobility-aware traffic management solution (Sandvine, Broadband Systems), and saw now another one, from Movik Networks

The Boston based vendor annoucned that at MWC 2012 it will ".. showcase the industry’s first Intelligent RAN Awareness Platform that correlates and acts in real-time on all traffic from the RAN, enabling mobile operators to better plan, optimize and manage their most valuable network asset. With Movik’s Intelligent RAN Awareness solution, the individual elements of the access network -- right down to the sector --become independently visible and controllable, allowing mobile operators to tailor actions and policies on a per-sector, per-condition, per-content, and per-subscriber basis .. Movik’s Intelligent RAN Awareness Platform delivers 50% reduction in page download times, 45% reduction in video start times with no user impact and 30% reduction in network traffic".

Unfortunately, I can’t find additional supporting material in the web site, to better understand the offering.

See "Movik Showcases Industry’s First Intelligent RAN Awareness Platform at Mobile World Congress" - here.


  1. Movik is providing a SIPTO GW with DPI and content caching capabilities.
    The ROI around SIPTO is not been proven yet. A different vendor in this space is STOKE, which is noe mostly focused on Security GW's, and WiFi offloading connectivity solutions.

    1. From what I could gather at MWC Movik are also doing RAN Aware Traffic Management (triggering policy elements) and integrating with CDN's to bring their premium content to the network edge at the RNC's.