Sunday, February 12, 2012

MEF Adds Class of Service to Mobile Ethernet Backhaul

MEF, the defining body for Carrier Ethernet (members), announced ".. the launch of the MEF’s Mobile Backhaul Initiative for 4G/LTE. It brings a technical solution to the challenged backhaul, resulting in potential 25% backhaul savings for mobile operators, up to 3x revenue growth for access providers over existing network infrastructure, while delivering equal or better end user experience. Given mind-bending predictions on mobile backhaul build-out costs, the scale of the savings could amount to the hundreds of millions of dollars! These significant benefits are powered by Carrier Ethernet innate ability to support Multiple Classes of Services (Multi-CoS)".

See "MEF Introduces The Mobile Backhaul Initiative with First Integrated Suite to Resolve 4G/LTE Backhaul’s Most Costly Challenge" - here and "The Benefits of  Multiple Classes of Service 
for Ethernet Mobile Backhaul" - here

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