Saturday, February 11, 2012

Survey: Operators Implementing Application-Aware Systems for OTT Video Monetization

A survey by Yankee Group, sponsored by CONNEXUS founding members Avvasi and BroadHop among 70 global telecom professionals on their plans for implementing monetization strategies for OTT video found that "17% indicated that they have already deployed application aware service plans such as YouTube streaming plans, and another 30% said they were planning to deploy application service aware plans in the next 12 months. 13% said they were either deploying or planning to deploy CDN technology in the coming year. 40% said they were currently engaging or plan to partner with content providers to enhance their subscribers’ OTT experience".

Simple Monetization Framework for Video Services;
Source: Yankee Group, 2012
Brian Partridge (pictured), vice president of network research at Yankee Group said : “The poll results indicate a growing interest in monetizing OTT video traffic .. Service providers are recognizing that they must first build media delivery capabilities into their networks if they ever hope to monetize their OTT video traffic – either through subscribers or via media companies and advertisements

See the press release "CONNEXUS Poll Indicates 2012 a Pivotal Year as Service Provider Interest in Monetizing OTT Video Grows" - here. The report is available here (registration required);

In a survey conducted among the readers of this blog about monetization of OTT traffic, 83% said the opportunity is in offering subscribers premium services, based on higher QoE for OTT services, 44% think that subscribers will upgrade their service plan (multiple choices were allowed, N=81). Learn more here.

Source: The 2012 Broadband Traffic Management Survey 

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