Tuesday, February 14, 2012

DPI Announcements: Vineyard's DPI Engine Supports Cavium Processors and S/W

Vineyard Networks announced "..its product support for the new state-of-the art OCTEON® III MIPS64® family of 1 – 48 core multicore processors, as well as its product integration into the TurboDPI™ framework [here] .. Vineyard Networks’ next-generation Deep Packet Inspection (DPI) engine, Network Application Visibility Library (NAVL), easily integrates into third party network infrastructure solutions to provide industry leading L7 detection of thousands of today’s most popular applications. In addition, it has the ability to extract extensive sets of metadata and application attributes from network traffic in real time". 

See "Vineyard Networks delivers Next-Generation Deep Packet Inspection and Application Detection up to 100Gbps on OCTEON III Processors" - here

Source: Vineyard Networks

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