Thursday, February 17, 2011

Cache Deployments (53): True Internet [Thailand] Uses Bluecoat to Reduce Costs and Improve QoE for Web and Video

True Internet, Thailand’s largest ISP with approximately 1.5M subscribers (of which nearly 800,000 in Bangkok Metropolitan Area) must be a paradise for equipment vendors, as it frequently agrees to deploy similar systems from multiple vendors, cooperates very well with the vendors and allows them to mention that in press releases.

3 months ago Oversi announced a cache deployment at True (see "Does True Internet [Thailand] Use Oversi Just to Improve Internet Video QoE?" - here) and now Bluecoat announces that "True Internet .. has deployed Blue Coat® CacheFlow® 5000 [here and chart below] appliances to reduce costly international bandwidth consumption, as well as to improve end-user Web experience especially for the delivery of rich Web 2.0 and video content"
See "True Internet Deploys CacheFlow Appliances to Reduce Bandwidth Costs and Improve User Experience for Rich Web 2.0 & Video Content" - here.

True is also using PeerApp - see "True -- Thailand's Largest Internet Service Provider Cuts Bandwidth Costs with New Peer-to-Peer Technology from PeerApp" - here.

This time it is clearly said that caching is used to reduce the usage of costly international bandwidth, and not only in order to improve subscribers’ QoE. Bluecoat explains that "Particularly in high-growth, developing regions such as Latin America, Middle East, Eastern Europe and Southeast Asia, international bandwidth costs can be prohibitive for service providers. In many instances, regional service providers may be paying hundreds or thousands of dollars per megabit per second (Mbps) per month for international IP transit bandwidth."

Dr. Viriya Upatising, CTO of True Internet said “..We face considerable demand for bandwidth, especially as each customer consumes a growing amount of rich media content from such sources as Facebook, MySpace, YouTube, DailyMotion, RapidShare and other sites With international bandwidth still being quite expensive, the CacheFlow appliances have provided a significant remedy for us by helping us manage the operational challenge of adding more users and addressing greater traffic volumes. From our extensive testing of the solution, we have seen how the CacheFlow product consistently delivers high bandwidth savings, while improving the quality of our Internet service to our customers”. Dr. Viriya was also quoted on Oversi's release.

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