Tuesday, February 15, 2011

DPI Announcement: Wipro and Continuous Computing Offer a Mobile Internet Offload Gateway

Wipro Technologies and Continuous Computing announced that "the two companies are working together to provide carrier-class Deep Packet Inspection (DPI) and Femtocell products for network equipment providers .  A jointly developed Mobile Internet Offload Gateway (IOGW) solution .. By configuring the IOGW at the Iu-PS interface, the data traffic is offloaded away from the SGSN/GGSN directly toward the Internet based on specific offload criteria configured by the operators. Such line-rate DPI intelligence enables operators to change policies dynamically based on traffic type and user SLAs".

See "Wipro Technologies and Continuous Computing Join Hands to Develop Wireless Solutions for Long Term Evolution (LTE) Network Infrastructure"  - here.

See also the recent announcement from Sandvine, for a DPI device that maybe implemented in the same network  location (here).

"With the IOGW providing higher throughput while decongesting core network bottlenecks, service providers can achieve incremental CAPEX savings of more than 60% – realizing benefits right from the first year of deployment. The IOGW is a 3GPP SIPTO (Selected IP Traffic Offload) standards-based IuPS offload solution for UMTS  networks".

See more details on SIPTO - here.

Source: FemtoForum

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