Wednesday, February 16, 2011

PCRF/DPI Deployments (52): South African Wireless Broadband Provider Uses FTS and Cisco to Manage Congestion and Quota

FTS announced that " A leading South African wireless broadband provider has now deployed FTS’ Leap™ Policy Control [here]. The new customer is a wireless broadband service provider which offers prepaid and postpaid broadband, VoIP, content and other services. By integrating FTS’ Leap Policy Control with FTS’ Leap Billing and Cisco’s Deep Packet Inspection solution [Cisco SCE], the carrier is now better able to monetize its network traffic".

See "Leading South African Wireless Broadband Provider Deploys FTS’ Leap™ Policy Control Solution" - here.

"..The service provider is also able to more rigorously apply its fair usage policies and so reduce network congestion, thus ensuring a consistent quality of service for all users, as well as reducing revenue leakage. Beyond that, the South African provider is also able to offer subscribers the ability to choose what happens next should they exceed their quota – they can either continue with a pay-per-use option or top-up online with a Bandwidth Booster – a bundle of extra bandwidth".

Gil Nizri (picture), VP Sales & Marketing, FTS said: “We were able to help them immediately manage network congestion, which resulted in increased revenues. While the new services and functionality, such as the Bandwidth Booster, have increased customer satisfaction and reduced churn”.

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