Thursday, February 3, 2011

DPI Announcements: Tellabs New LTE SGW/PGW

Tellabs announced a "new LTE (Long Term Evolution) EPC (evolved packet core), based on the Tellabs® SmartCore® 9100 platform, advances the transformation to the smart mobile Internet. As an LTE SGW (serving gateway) and PGW (PDN gateway), the Tellabs® SmartCore® 9100 platform offers high performance at a lower cost per bit, decreasing the total cost of ownership. With its integrated deep packet inspection, granular quality of service and traffic management architecture, it enables operators to monitor real-time traffic, enforce advanced policy and charging models, and generate revenue from new sources.

See "Tellabs SmartCore® LTE solution advances the smart mobile Internet" - here.

Rehan Jalil, senior vice president of mobile Internet said:.. customers need much more than a router with other functions bolted on; instead they need a purpose-built solution with content awareness integrated into the packet core, which enables customers to meet the challenging business and technical demands of the mobile Internet.”

"The Tellabs® SmartCore® 9100 platform for LTE networks is currently in trials with more than a dozen customers worldwide, and is expected to be generally available in the first quarter of 2011"

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