Friday, February 25, 2011

Telekom Austria CEO: "We own the infrastructure. We should decide who uses it"

Hannes Ametsreiter (picture), CEO of Telekom Austria Group, was interviewed to Ben Rooney, Technology Editor for the Wall Street Journal Europe, on Net Neutrality issues.

See "Telekom Austria CEO Dismisses Net Neutrality" - here.

Some quotes:

About DPI: "It’s very clear. The decision is up to the operator. He owns the technology and he owns the infrastructure. How he uses that infrastructure should really be up to the operator".

About blocking competitive services (Skype et al.): "I have a very clear stand on that one. If there is somebody using our infrastructure to cannibalize and eat up our revenues then of course we set measures against them. If we did not do so we would not have the money to invest in the infrastructure and to keep it working. If Google Voice, Skype or any other player attack our revenues then this would create problems"

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