Sunday, February 27, 2011

GENBAND Explains the New "Mobile Edge Optimization Suite"

In my post on Genband's recent announcement ("What's GENBAND "Mobile Edge Optimization Suite"?" - here) I was wondering about the functionality of the s/w, due to the lack of information in the release and in Genband's site.

Niloufar Tayebi (picture), Product Marketing Manager for GENBAND, was ready to answer my questions and provided some information that may help us understand better:

[Q]: How does the Mobile Edge Optimization Suite relief Smartphone Signaling Overload?
[A]: what we refer as Mobile Edge Optimization Suite is a set of solutions developed for managing traffic from smartphones and data-centric mobile devices. Mobile Broadband is showing stellar growth; while this is great news for the mobile communications industry it also places stringent requirements on mobile networks to handle this growth. GENBAND has been actively looking into leveraging its TPM solution by taking its TPM solution into higher levels of functionalities in order to help mobile operators deal with the growth of mobile broadband services. Mobile Edge Optimization Suite consists of following solution sets:
  • Signaling overload relief; this solution detects, reports and manages the signaling congestion caused by smartphones and data devices.
  • Selective RAN congestion management; this solution is able to monitor traffic across the network, pin-pointing the specific ‘hot’ zones in access or congested RANs. While traffic is growing in all segments of the network, RAN is the highest cost segment due to scarcity of spectrum and cell site deployment costs. Hence, relieving RAN congestion has high economic drivers for mobile operators.
[Q]: is it a new s/w?
[A]: yes, it is building on top of TPM firmware with additional features and functionalities
[Q]: is it part of Procera s/w?
[A]: no, it is GENBAND developed and supplied by GENBAND directly. In terms of exclusivity of the offer, it is early stages in the go-to-market strategy, the reseller and partner agreements are under consideration.

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