Monday, February 14, 2011

Cisco MOVEs into Video Optimization and Monetization; New Mobile Services Edge Gateway

The mobile core gets lots of attention at MWC this year - especially in the area of traffic management, policy control and video optimization.

Juniper announced its "Open mobile core for 2G/3G and LTE networks" (here) with some partners, and now Cisco is announcing  "Cisco® MOVE, a strategic framework that comprises new solutions to enable service providers to better manage, enhance and take financial advantage of the rapidly growing volume of mobile video and data traffic. The new Cisco MOVE (Monetization, Optimization, Videoscape Experience) solutions include Cisco Mobile VideoscapeTM, Cisco Service Provider Wi-Fi and Cisco Adaptive Intelligent Routing (AIR)".

See "Cisco Drives the Mobile Internet for Enhanced Video Experience Across Wireless Networks" - here. See also "Cisco M.O.VE: Monetize, Optimize, Enhance the Video Experience" - here.

MOVE includes:  
  • Cisco Mobile Videoscape, a video delivery architecture, platforms, and technologies that together help optimize, monetize, and enhance the delivery of mobile video.
  • Cisco Service Provider Wi-Fi, a cost-effective, secure solution for deployment of Metro-scale outdoor Wi-Fi networks.
  • Adaptive Intelligent Routing allows Cisco® products in the network to interact with each other in a way that provides exceptional capabilities and benefits. The first implementation of AIR, the Cisco Mobile Services Edge Gateway (MSEG), is designed to lower the cost of mobile data traffic by providing service intelligence at the edge of the network while using the control plane in the packet core to maintain a high-quality service experience, with optimal transport of traffic and lower cost.

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