Monday, February 7, 2011

Comverse CEO: "Comverse 3.0 will focus on billing and mobile internet"

The Israeli press interviewed Comverse CEO, Andre Dahan (picture) today: Ron Steinbelt for Globes (here, Hebrew) and Guy Grimland for The Marker (here, Hebrew).

Mr. Dahan says that "the company prepared a 3-year plan after which it expects to see growth in the billing and mobile Internet .. this is a new Comverse - Comverse 3.0 .. Today, everything is mobile and operators need tools to manage and optimize internet traffic - this is a fast growing space .. we want to leverage this strong growth"
Amdocs, Comverse's strong billing competitor, also announced lately (here) its entrance into mobile internet optimization - however Amdocs is offering policy management only, while Comverse offers both policy management, a traffic management network element and charging.

Nothing, in both interviews on the acquisition rumors (by Oracle? ZTE/Huawei ?).

Comverse Technology published its 2009 annual report (here) recently, showing revenues of $1,576M compared to $1,677M and $1,723M in 2008 and 2007, respectively.  

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