Wednesday, February 2, 2011

BTI and PeerApp Partner to Optimize Streaming at the Network Edge

BTI Systems is going to announce today "an agreement with PeerApp, the leading provider of Transparent Internet Caching and content delivery platforms, to manage the flood of content streaming onto access networks. With this agreement, BTI Systems can maximize the effectiveness of its transparent caching solution within its WideCast platform, including the ability to accelerate the delivery of Flash video, YouTube, Facebook video and other Over-the-Top Internet content for network operators and their subscribers"

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"WideCast will use transparent caching to increase the resolution and performance of video delivery to the consumer while dramatically reducing the “re-streaming” of large files across both access and peering networks – dramatically improving quality and attracting new subscribers while shrinking service provider transit costs and containing exploding bandwidth growth rates .. The solution transparently improves broadband Internet service delivery without violating the constructs of net neutrality. WideCast is the first integrated, network-ready solution for content caching that integrates L2 Ethernet upgrades, L4 application routing and transparent caching in a compact 4RU solution".

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