Monday, February 21, 2011

What's GENBAND "Mobile Edge Optimization Suite"?

Last week Genband announced the ".. GENBAND Mobile Edge Optimization Suite as an enhancement to the P Series of Traffic and Policy Management (TPM) Solutions .. to more intelligently manage network traffic by relieving signaling overload caused by smart devices and mobile data congestion in the Radio Access Network (RAN)".  P Series are Genband DPI products OEMed from Procera.

See "GENBAND Introduces Mobile Edge Optimization Suite for Relieving Smartphone Signaling Overload, RAN Congestion" - here.

How does it do it? The release does not provide much information other than the quote by Natasha Tamaskar (picture), VP of Product Marketing: "Our Mobile Edge Optimization Suite enables service providers to accurately identify and characterize mobile devices with potential signaling overload behavior,” said, GENBAND".

So - how does the P Series relief the signaling overhead? A question was sent to Genband PR contact but hasn’t been responded.

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