Monday, February 14, 2011

Vendor Review: Procera Partnership with F5

Procera Networks is announcing today (here) that it is joining F5's Technology Alliance Program/Service Provider Alliance (here, and see "F5 Creates the "Service Delivery Networking" Market Category" - here) with a joint marketing agreement.

Jon Linen, Procera's VP of Global Marketing explained that Procera's DPI capabilities will be used as a front-end to F5 steering functions, so F5 will be able to make smarter decisions and forward only relevant traffic to other devices, such as video optimization and caching (F5 already partners with video optimization vendors - Bytemobile, Flash Networks and Vantrix - see chart below).

Jon also told me that while Procera's competitors - Allot and Sandvine - have built-in traffic steering, Procera decided to approach F5 install base, and offer an attractive solution to customers that are implementing F5 steering with video optimization. Initially, all devices will be connected sequentially, but Jon says that they are open to go to the next step of an embedded solution. Procera and F5 created a control protocol with which Procera reports to the F5 device about the identified application.

During MWC, the joint solution will be demonstrated in F5 booth.

Source: F5 White Paper - Service Delivery Networking

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