Saturday, February 12, 2011

MWC PR - DPI Vendors Focus on Products, PCRF Vendors on Momentum

MWC is about to open, and the PR engine going to high gear. Many announcements were already made, trying to avoid crowded Monday.

The DPI vendors announced new devices (see - Tellabs, Allot, Sandvine, Procera - the latter with a customer name!) - focusing on technology while the PCRF vendors decided to focus on "momentum" releases - with the lack of better messaging, I guess. Comptel was an exception, presenting a customer (here) but Bridgewater, BroadHop, Tekelc and Openet were more general. 

Bridgewater Systems announced that "... during 2010 it surpassed management of more than 10 million devices supporting a range of machine-to-machine (M2M) applications. Bridgewater enables mobile operators to offer a variety of M2M services by securely managing M2M connections on 3G and 4G networks using intelligent broadband controls such  as device service control, dynamic policy control, and device identity management ..These deployments support numerous M2M applications such as smart meters for utility companies, automotive infotainment services, in-vehicle tracking devices, and mobile payment services".

See "Bridgewater Surpasses 10 Million Machine-to-Machine Connections" - here.

BroadHop reported that "... The Company continues to see explosive growth primarily in Europe, Middle East, Africa and Asia Pacific markets where it has secured 12 Quantum Network Suite customers since the platform’s launch in February 2010 as service providers look to deploy new policy-enabled services and applications. As a result, the company reported record results, with revenue growing by more than 80% in FY2010".

See "BroadHop Announces 12 New Customer Wins for Market Leading Quantum Network Policy Suite in 2010" - here. At least 4 wins are recycled and were already announced (see here) - all remain anonymous.

Tekelec- "Tekelec’s market leading, policy-based solutions are being deployed by 44 operators serving over 280 million customers globally. This includes 32 tier-one operators such as Verizon Wireless (here), Vodafone Group (here), Telefónica (here), and Sprint".

See "Tekelec Showcases Solutions to Increase Mobile Data Revenues and Optimize the Customer Experience at Mobile World Congress 2011" - here. 

Openet announced that its "... 2010 revenue is up by more than 60 percent over 2009 .. New devices and higher speed technologies have combined to generate real-time transaction management and network congestion challenges that drew attention in 2010, which in turn has spurred significant market interest in Openet overall, especially in policy management. As a result of having a powerful product to meet policy demand, Openet secured or furthered strategic partnerships with Cisco, Allot and VPI Systems".

See "Openet Drives 60 Percent Revenue Growth Over 2009" - here.

Niall Norton (picture), CEO of Openet said: “2010 was another year of growth and innovation for Openet, and it shows in every aspect, from our financials to our traction in policy management to our involvement with charging for the iPad (see "AT&T Uses Openet for iPad Monetization" - here and "Openet - Why AT&T Changed its IPad Service plans?" - here)”

Good luck to all on MWC next week!

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