Thursday, February 17, 2011

Netronome and Qosmos to Offer DPI Processing at 100Gbps

Netronome and Qosmos announced "a joint solution to scale deep packet inspection (DPI) from 1Gbps to 100Gbps while simultaneously offering the richest detection set for thousands of applications and protocols [see details here]. The integrated solution is the result of a strategic partnership between the companies and is designed for manufacturers of security applications".

See "Netronome Expands DPI Capabilities Through Partnership With Qosmos" - here.

Jarrod Siket (picture), SVP of sales and marketing at Netronome said: “Netronome pioneered flow processing and is committed to providing its customers the silicon, hardware, software and building blocks to securely process flows at the speeds required for next generation platforms .. This exciting partnership with Qosmos expands our offering to include both current and emerging protocols, frequently updated, from the recognized leader in Network Intelligence and DPI software.”

See also - "How to Build DPI Products? (Part I - CPU Architecture)" - here.

Recently, Cavium announced a 40 Gbps DPI processor (here).

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  1. Is this Netronome's response to Cavium to one-up them?