Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Traffic Management Announcements: Stoke Mobile Data Offload Ecosystem

Stoke announced recently ".. enhancements to its award winning Mobile Data Offload application together with a new ecosystem that allows operators to improve mobile data service delivery efficiencies .. Stoke has begun extensive testing with a number of globally recognized application providers, including Volubill, the leading provider of real-time policy management and charging solutions, and major players in mobile traffic optimization, cloud-based web application and content acceleration, and video CDN technologies". 

See "Stoke Enhances Mobile Data Offload, Catalyzes New Ecosystem for Innovation at the Edge" - here.

Similar concept was introduced by Cisco's AIR (here) with their new Mobile Service Edge Gateway - ASR-1000. See the charts below.

"Stoke's 3GPP standard selective breakout gateway intelligently intercepts and re-directs select data traffic, with extraordinary levels of specificity. New enhancements in support of the Edge Service Exchange ecosystem include the following:
  • API accessible RAN routing area details for offloaded sessions (e.g. RAC/SAC)
  • API accessible session details (e.g. IMSI, APN, Device IMEI, etc.)
  • API accessible Radio Access Bearer (RAB) and QoS parameters for sessions
  • Network controlled, real-time offload policy updates
  • Programmatic session start and stop notification for Service Exchange applications
  • Enhancements to breakout controls that mitigate potential failures in Service Exchange partner applications"


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