Sunday, February 27, 2011

Sandvine Partners with DiViNetworks

In my recent review of DiViNetworks (see "Vendor Review: DiViNetworks' Bytestream Caching" - here) I mentioned that ".. It can also be implemented in conjunction with DPI devices, that will be used to re-direct relevant traffic for the encoding/decoding process  .. The company says it is about to announce a number of partners that will implement the technology in the above and other network elements, as well as marketing alliances".

Now DiViNetworks and Sandvine include each other in their web partner pages. Sandvine's "Partner Ecosystem" page (here) quotes DiViNetworks CEO, Barak Avitbul - "With DiViNetworks and Sandvine, operators can successfully increase bandwidth by a minimum of 30%. Our joint solution optimizes traffic at the IP-level, rather than that of the application, and keeps up with booming user-demand and ever-changing Internet patterns".

DiViNetworks also includes Sandvine as a partner (here).

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  1. Azi, your comments on Sandvine/Citrix would be appreciated.

    Does this look like a small opportunity or a big one? Can't tell. Seems like everyone is partnering with everyone in the DPI arena.