Tuesday, February 22, 2011

DPI Announcements: LSI ACP3423 Communication Processor

One more announcement in the recent wave of communication processors with DPI engines (NetLogic, Netronome, Cavium) - this time by LSI who "announced the expansion of the AxxiaTM Communication Processor family with the ACP3423 communication processor, targeted at equipment such as multi-radio base stations and wireless backhaul. The Axxia Communication Processor family enables OEMs to deliver deterministic performance in wireless applications such as video streaming, web browsing and high-quality digital voice .. The ACP3423 communication processor features two PowerPC® 476FP processor cores running up to 1.6GHz and a wide array of intelligent offload engines, including industry-leading packet classification, traffic management, security processing and deep packet inspection".

See "LSI Offers Optimized Low-Power Solution for Mobile Infrastructure with New Axxia Communication Processor"  - here.

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