Tuesday, February 15, 2011

[Update] BroadHop and CommProve Offer Integrated RAN Congestion Management Solution

[Update]: Regarding my comment below "Still not clear which element enforces the policies":

BroadHop clarifies that "it is GGSN or DPI that enforces the policy. Comprove has probes in network that identify congestion and which customers are experiencing that congestion. Quantum Network Suite then collects that info from ComProve and instructs GGSN or DPI to respond accordingly to better manage congestion for customers".    
Cell congestion management becomes an urgent need for mobile operators, and a number of DPI, traffic management and policy server vendors are addressing the need. See previous posts on this issue - here.  
BroadHop and CommProve join the party and are announcing today the "..interoperability of their independent, best of breed solutions. BroadHop's advanced next gen policy management platform, the Quantum Network Suite and CommProve's RAN Insight, the state of the art application designed to dramatically improve radio optimization, will deliver the industry's first intelligent end-to-end application and subscriber Radio Access Network (RAN) Congestion Management solution enabling service providers to apply radio policies based on subscriber service level and the application being used".

See "BroadHop and CommProve Team to Deliver Industry’s First End-to-End Intelligent Application and Subscriber RAN Congestion Management" - here.

"The combined BroadHop and CommProve offering manages localized RAN congestion, maintaining the best quality of experience during congested periods to .. Apply targeted policies to intelligently manage subscriber, application, bandwidth usage and prioritize traffic .. Ensure fair access for all subscribers during network congestion periods .. Accurately track subscriber cell location to enforce policies only for devices active in a congested area without the need for additional location updates to be provided from the network .."
Previously, I understood that CommProve's RAN Insight is a monitoring only (passive) solution. Now, Lars Pedersen (picture), CEO of CommProve says: “Together, CommProve and BroadHop provide operators not only unique 2G/3G/4G intelligent network visibility but also the ability to apply policy management based on real-time information per subscriber in a ‘who-what-where’ format".

Still not clear which element enforces the policies. CommProve uses Qosmos' DPI engine (see "CommProve and Qosmos Offer Layer 7 Visibility into Mobile Traffic" - here).

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