Monday, March 7, 2011

Alepo Adds a Mobile App for Dynamic Bandwidth Speed Selection to its PCRF

Alepo has ".. unveiled the first mobile app to enable dynamic bandwidth selection by end users. Aimed at mobile operators as a value-added service, the app capitalizes on the growing demand for faster and more personalized bandwidth speeds on mobile devices while enhancing the customer experience .. Alepo's Bandwidth Selection App directly communicates in with the operator's PCRF in real-time. It is available for both Android and iPhone".

In view of the recent intentions of major providers to deploy speed based tiered services (see - AT&T, Verizon) - such management tools makes sense, and allows a more dynamic service management. Customers may change the speed based on their specific data needs and spending budget - boost it when necessary and get back to lower speed and costs at other times.

See "Alepo Introduces Mobile App for Dynamic Bandwidth Speed Selection" - here - however, I can’t locate the new app in the Apple App Store.
John Kim (picture), Alepo VP of Business Development, said: "Alepo's Bandwidth Selection App assures subscribers of more personalized services by enabling them to tailor their policy to each situation .. By monetizing the solution, mobile service providers not only increase ARPU, but are able to better balance network resources while satisfying all subscribers"

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