Thursday, March 24, 2011

DPI Announcements: Continuous Computing 200Gbps DPI Platform

Continuous Computing announced a new model for its ATCA based  FlexTCA platform, with 200 Gbps performance and 100GE interfaces (here), targeting network equipment vendors developing DPI products.

The highest performance we have seen so far for a standalone DPI product comes from Allot, with its recent 160Gbps announcement (See "Allot Boosts the Service Gateway to LTE" - here), also based on similar h/w components (ATCA, Netlogic packet processors). Nevertheless, Allot's Service Gateway is a fully functional product, while CCPU's platform still requires an additional application layer, which may or may not be able to explore the full performance potential of the platform.

While CCPU's new platform may seen as getting closer to an end-user solution (as it now combines DPI s/w, see below), Brian Wood (picture), CCPU's VP marketing, says that "CCPU draws a line just below the application layer and does not cross it"

"With this new platform family, network intelligence solutions such as Policy Charging and Enforcement Functions (PCEF) can exceed 200Gbps while wireless core and security applications can scale up to 320Gbps. Since “wire-speed” performance is so essential for DPI-based application differentiation and success, the cutting-edge FlexTCA family raises the ceiling on what is possible with mobile network packet processing platforms"

See "Continuous Computing Introduces Industry’s Highest Performance, Highest Capacity ATCA DPI Platforms" - here.

The new announcement includes the PP81 (here), a new packet processing blade with 40Gbps performance, a new switch (FM81, here) and a DPI software package (see "Continuous Computing Packages Qosmos, 6WIND and Wind River Packet Processing", here). With the FM81 "Continuous Computing’s new FlexTCA DPI platform is the first to come with native 100GbE interfaces".

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