Thursday, March 10, 2011

Tekelec Expects 6 New PCRF Wins in LAT

Patrick Nixon (picture) reports to Business News America that "Tekelec expects to deploy its policy and charging rules function (PCRF) for an additional six countries in Latin America and the Caribbean (CALA) by midyear" according to Federico Navarro, VP Sales CALA, at Tekelec.

See "Tekelec to deploy policy management solution in 6 countries" - here.

"Navarro, who attended the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona in February, said 80% of his customer meetings were related to the PCRF solution and only 20% for Tekelec's traditional business of number portability solutions". While it is the fast growing part of Tekelec portfolio, PCRF revenues are still small part of the vendor's revenues (See "Tekelec: 2010 Orders for Policy and SDM were approx. $40M" - here).

Mr. Navarro also describes some of the use-cases for the region (but seen globally):

"Tekelec found that customers tend to want to have unlimited access to web browsing and email, but would be willing to pay a cost for bandwidth-hungry video .. For example, universities [see "Does the Education Market need Bandwidth Management?" - heremay want to restrict the level of web browsing students can do during the day and prioritize other academic related traffic  .. Or parents may want their children to have phones and unlimited access to instant messenger and social networks, but limited access to video .. Certain cable operators in Latin America have implemented a turbo feature that allows customers who are very keen on internet video to access it at faster download speeds at certain times, for example from 7pm-9pm. That access can be priced accordingly".

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