Sunday, March 6, 2011

UK Regulator Sets Goals and Recommends Using "Typical Speeds Range" in Broadband Advertising

Ofcom, the UK regulator "is recommending that if speeds are used in broadband advertising they should be based on a Typical Speeds Range (TSR), so consumers have a clearer idea of what speeds to expect. Ofcom also recommends that the TSR must have at least equal prominence to any maximum ‘up to’ speed, and that a maximum speed must be used only if it is actually achievable in practice by a material number of consumers". 

The recommendation is a result of a "research shows that the average broadband speed in November/December 2010 was 6.2Mbit/s – less than half (45 per cent) of the average advertised broadband speed of 13.8Mbit/s." (see first table below).

In addition, "Ofcom is also setting out what the TSR might be for each technology used to provide fixed-line broadband .. The new, strengthened Code of Practice comes into force in July 2011." (see 2nd table below).

See "Average broadband speed is still less than half advertised speed" - here.

A similar, even more consumer oriented initiative was announced in Israel recently (see "Regulation [Israel] - ISPs Should Publish Minimum Speed! (in "Mbps")" - here).

Source: Ofcom

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