Wednesday, March 9, 2011

[Lightreading] Yoigo [Spain] Increased Revenues with DPI

Yoigo [2.3M subscribers] mobile operator is using Procera for traditional DPI needs (QoS, traffic shaping etc - see "Mobile Broadband Operator Yoigo Chooses Procera Networks" - here).  

Now, according to the Lightreading story by Michelle Donegan  the investment seems to be generating revenues:

".. When customers approach their monthly limit for mobile data, they are first alerted and then directed to a Web page, where they can opt to buy a data top-up or do nothing, which results in the customer's service speed being reduced to 128 Kbit/s once (if) the limit is reached. .. The operator has experienced a 72 percent acceptance rate of the mobile data up-sell option since the launch in December, according to Yoigo CEO Johan Andsjo (picture) .. with the additional customer revenues, the cost of implementing this project was paid back within three weeks".

See "Spanish Mobile Challenger Wields DPI"  - here

See also "TeliaSonera's New Business Model: Value-based Pricing" (Majority owner of Yoigo) - here.  

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  1. This gives DPI vendors (Allot, Procera, Sandvine) some good validation.