Monday, March 21, 2011

BBC's Traffic-Light System will Test ISP's QoS

The UK ISP vs. the rest of the world ping-pong continues.

Following the recent move by the ISPs ("UK: ISPs Publish New Voluntary Code on Broadband Traffic Management" - here) and the government response ("Your New Voluntary Code" is not Enough!" - here) the content providers join the game.

BBC News reports that "The BBC has always maintained that it won't pay to have its popular iPlayer service prioritised over other traffic .. The BBC is currently developing a traffic-light system to let users see how different ISPs treat its iPlayer service. The details of the system, due for release in the spring, are not fully decided but it is likely ISPs will be rated simply: Red for poor, amber for OK, and green for acceptable".

It seems the BBC doesn’t expect for more than "acceptable" - where is the positive approach?

 See article by Jane Wakefield "ISPs defend plans for two-tier net" - here.
John Tate (picture), the BBC's director of policy and strategy said: "People should be able to access the internet without the blocking or throttling of certain content due to commercial rivalry".

Few months ago there were other voices at BBC - see BBC: "traffic management may sometimes be necessary" - here.

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