Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Bytemobile: Video Stalling is Still a Major Problem for MNOs

Bytemobile released its 1Q 2011 Mobile Minute Metrics report (see the press release - "Bytemobile Secures its 36th Video Optimization Win for Mobile Network Operator Deployment" - here and download section - here).

Among the many charts, I found the one discussion Video Stalling as very interesting. The vendor reached the following conclusions:
  • Even on advanced networks, mobile video users experience stalling of play (see chart - from "anonymously sources data traffic in a global cross-section of Bytemobile customers’ wireless networks")
  • Mobile subscribers stop watching video content when they experience significant stalling
  • Consumers use quality of mobile video play as an indication of network quality 
See also - "Vendor Review: Bytemobile New Smart Capacity System" - here and "BE (UK): World Cup Without Buffering" - here.

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  1. January 2012, Bytemobile just laid off half the company due to money problems,
    I guess ATT success with LTE is something they didn't count on