Monday, March 28, 2011

DPI Deployments (60): ACS [US] Uses Procera for Visibility, Reporting and Policy Enforcement

Procera Networks announced that "PacketLogic being deployed as the central intelligence point and service enabler by small to mid-size Internet service providers (ISPs) that build out broadband in rural areas with support from the national Broadband Initiatives Program (BIP) .. Arvig Communication Systems, also known as ACS, is the leading local multi-service communications provider serving residential & business customers throughout northwestern Minnesota"

See "Procera Successfully Deployed for Rural Broadband Build-Out" - here.

John Ketelhut, Internet Operations Manager at ACS said: ".. The visibility and policy enforcement we receive from Procera is invaluable for helping us plan the capacity required to support the projected explosive growth over the coming three to five years, while at the same time enabling new applications, services and devices rapidly gaining user acceptance and impacting our network."

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