Thursday, March 17, 2011

Verizon CTO: "policy control is very important"

A nice push to the policy management industry (here, here). In an interview to Sue Marek from Fierce Broadband Wireless, Tony Melone (picture), CTO of Verizon Communications, was asked about the importance of policy control (after saying about IMS is "It's not as big an enabler of the future").

Mr. Melone responded that:

"It [policy control] is very important. The tools in LTE and in this 4G IP-mobile broadband network are available to do creative things. The policy engine is the brains of how you want the network to treat different things at different times. It's essential. It's important for us to take those tools and structure them in a way that is simple to implement and simple to communicate to customers. It's rational in terms of what customers would expect. 

One thing that we as an industry need to do is segment the data market better than we have. We have segmented the voice market over the years but the data market has been one market: Aircards are this price and smartphones are this price. 

I think when you talk about LTE and how the world will evolve you want an environment where people can dip their toes in the water and experience some of it, and then move up the value chain. These policy engines are a key ingredient in doing that."

See "Verizon's Melone: Data market needs to be segmented further" - here.

The Camiant unit of Tekelec must be proud! (see "Verizon Wireless Selects Camiant for PCRF" - here). Verizon is not alone - see "Policy management is becoming a key technology for mobile operators (Vodafone, Orange)" - here.

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  1. You're watching every move I make when I surf through my mothers Verizon FIOS aren't you?