Tuesday, March 8, 2011

NetScout: "Outages at NTT, AT&T and Verizon could have been detected and averted"

James Heath interviews Steven Shalita (picture), VP of Marketing, NetScout to B/OSS about "network behavioral analysis (NBA), and why NBA is becoming necessary to provide security and service assurance in IP networks".

See "LTE Monitoring: The Virtue of Combining Service and Security Assurance"  - here.

Some quotes:
  • "For a mobile network the No. 1 location of problem generation is DNS, whether it be DNS flooding or other types of performance issues. So operators typically start in that area, in the authentication or federation layer, which includes DNS, the AAA server and the HLR"
  • "Carriers are pretty guarded about sharing information like this and unfortunately all my anecdotes would be too specific and identify a carrier. Yet if you look at the most spectacular telecom outages as example – and I am not saying we detected any of them – these outages at NTT, AT&T and Verizon all started out as little things that could have been detected and averted"
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