Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Ohio University Tries to Block Netflix as "Internet pipeline is overflowing'"

An interesting experience in traffic management was carried by Ohio University and is summarized by Sean O'Malley, IT Communications Manager by:

"With finals week in full swing, the university’s Internet pipeline is overflowing with media downloads, with the lion’s share coming from services like Netflix.  As a result, many students and faculty have at times had difficulty accessing essential academic services like Blackboard". See background - "Does the Education Market need Bandwidth Management?" - here

"To improve access to academic online services, the university has increased the amount of bandwidth dedicated to its data center and instituted a 5 Mbps per user limit on residence hall download traffic. According to OIT network staff, this limit should be noticeable only to the small percentage of users who are consuming large quantities of Internet capacity. Many individuals actually will see a speed increase.  At 6:00 pm on Monday, March 14 and again at 11:00 pm, network technicians attempted to restrict just Netflix traffic; however, both those attempts resulted in Internet outages".

See "Flood Watch: OHIO's Internet connection overflows"  - here.



  1. Those guys do a heck of a job there. The student body has always been a step ahead in the exploitation of all available bandwidth and OU has done a wonderful job of balancing academic needs with student demand.

  2. How is it that even though I have a 5 mbps download speed, I still CANNOT LOAD A YOUTUBE VIDEO ON 240p.