Thursday, March 31, 2011

DPI Deployments (61): University of Dayton Uses Procera's New Solution to Enforce Usage Allowances

Procera Networks continues to push its education market efforts (background - "Does the Education Market need Bandwidth Management?" - here) announcing a new "Smart Campus traffic management solution" and a deployment by the University of Dayton.

See "Procera Expands Smart Campus Solution for Higher Education" - here.

Al Stern, Director of Systems and Networking for The University of Dayton said: "Procera's Smart Campus enables us to identify and enforce usage allowances for users consuming high-bandwidth applications across multiple devices, such as laptops pulling down HD movies and streaming gaming consoles.. Once users exceed their bandwidth allotment, we can dynamically reduce their consumption rate, thus preserving the Quality of Experience for other users and allowing us to avoid increased operational expenses associated with bandwidth upgrades".

The university's "POLICY ON FAIR, RESPONSIBLE AND ACCEPTABLE Use University of Dayton resources for non-University related activities that unduly increase the network load (e.g., chain mail, network gaming and spamming)".  
USE OF ELECTRONIC RESOURCES" says that you may not "

As for the new solution, Procera lists some new features, which are unique to the education market, beyond the expected DPI, monitoring and traffic shaping capabilities:
  • Identification of users' identity based on integrating with Cisco's NAC (Clean Access)  and ImpulsePoint's Safe Connect  (as well as LDAP, RADIUS and Bradford Networks)
  • Peer-to-Peer Auditing capabilities for HEOA compliance and simplified DMCA response (see "Achieve HEOA & DMCA Compliance with PacketLogic Traffic Shaping Solutions" - here)
  • Departmental Chargeback  
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