Thursday, March 24, 2011

DigitalRoute Now Offers a PCC Solution

DigitalRoute (covered here) is moving from being a technology enabling vendor to a full solution provider, for Policy and Charging Control.

The company announced "the availability of the PolicyZone™ policy and charging control solution .. designed to address a wide range of use cases to enable and control services including Application-specific traffic steering, Time-limited bandwidth boost, Billshock prevention, Manage core- and access network congestion, Online charging, Parental control, Roaming access control and Subscriber tier and location based quality of service".

See "DigitalRoute launches Policy and Charging Control Solution" - here.

Jan Karlsson, CEO at DigitalRoute said: “DigitalRoute and our delivery partners have accumulated extensive experience in delivering bill shock prevention and customer centric policy and charging control solutions based on MediationZone. PolicyZone builds on this experience

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