Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Canada: The Government will Overrule CRTC's Usage Fees

The saga around the CRTC decision on usage fees (see "Canada: Wholesale Usage Fees Delayed" - here) continues.

Now, Tony Clement, Canada's Industry Minister, says - ""We asked the CRTC to review their decision, and if they come back with the same decision the cabinet would overrule it because it wouldn't be consistent with government policy ... promoting competition and choice" (See "Canada's Industry Minister Clement will overrule CRTC's usage based billing proposal" - here ).  

It is always a pleasure to see democracy in action!

The official ministry site says (see "Minister Clement Talks Digital Economy with University of Alberta Students" - here): "The Government expressed its concern over this decision, and its possible effect on consumers, small businesses, entrepreneurs, and innovators in Canada. In order to continue to innovate and participate in the digital economy, Canadians must have meaningful choice in their Internet services and the opportunity to take full advantage of advanced online applications".

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