Monday, March 14, 2011

UK: ISPs Publish New Voluntary Code on Broadband Traffic Management

ISPReview reports today that "Seven of the country's [UK] biggest fixed line broadband ISPs and mobile operators, including BT , Sky Broadband , TalkTalk , Virgin Media , O2 , Three (3) and Vodafone UK, have today published a new Voluntary Code of Practice (vCOP - here) for broadband Traffic Management transparency. The new initiative will be piloted throughout 2011 and reviewed again in early 2012".

See "Big UK ISPs Detail New Voluntary Code on Broadband Traffic Management", by Mark Jacksonhere.

"Most of the largest internet providers use Traffic Management to balance the performance of their network between heavy and lite users, thus avoiding network congestion. This is usually done by restricting traffic (i.e. speed) to busy services, such as P2P (BitTorrent File Sharing), or more generally at peak times of day. The result is that everybody should receive a fair internet speed".

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