Wednesday, March 23, 2011

DPI Announcements: Continuous Computing Packages Qosmos, 6WIND and Wind River Packet Processing

Barriers to entry the DPI market lower and products are quickly easier to develop, as a number of enabling technologies, combining packet processors, DPI and system s/w as well as blades are now available from multiple sources. While the cost ‘instant DPI’ is probably high, it shortens time to market while commoditizing the basic DPI features
Continuous Computing announced ".. FlowEngine, a deep packet inspection (DPI) software framework to enable network equipment providers (NEPs) to accelerate development and delivery of applications that make use of DPI. Designed to save time and boost performance, FlowEngine combines best-in-class software components with Continuous Computing’s load balancing and Trillium monitoring software with an extensive range of application intelligence software from Qosmos and packet processing software from 6WIND and Wind River".
See "Continuous Computing Announces FlowEngine Framework and Partner Ecosystem to Enable Complete, End-to-End DPI-based Applications" - here.  
The new package should allow network equipment vendors to quickly develop DPI applications using Continues Computing's ATCA DPI blade, based on NetLogic XLR packet processors (here). In a way, it competes with Cavium, who offers its own packet processors and a DPI s/w package (see "Cavium Now Offers DPI s/w" - here). A 3rd option is available from Netronome and Qosmos (here).

Mike Langlois, general manager for networking and telecommunications at Wind River (a wholly owned subsidiary of Intel), stated: “The ongoing explosion of data traffic demands advanced packet handling solutions that enable a range of network acceleration capabilities including DPI. The combination of Continuous Computing’s FlowEngine with Wind River runtime technologies, such as Wind River Network Acceleration Platform, can deliver an innovative solution that helps our customers break through the traffic bottleneck and bring much needed network intelligence to improve ARPU.”


  1. Does Wind River Network Acceleration Platform support the XLR or XLP?

    From the websites and the diagram, it seems it is supported only by 6WIND.