Friday, March 18, 2011

UK Government to ISPs: Your "New Voluntary Code" is not Enough!

It seems that the UK government thinks that the new voluntary code taken by UK ISPs is not enough (here), apparently encouraged by "Google, Skype, Yahoo and Facebook representatives".

Kelly Fiveash reprot to The Register that " .. Communications minister Ed Vaizey (picture) is calling on ISPs to beef up their commitments to providing UK customers with information about how they manage online traffic. At a meeting attended by broadband firms BT, TalkTalk, BSkyB and Virgin Media yesterday, the minister approved of the industry's efforts to agree to "greater transparency for their traffic management policies" .

"Vaizey, whose opinions on net neutrality have wavered in the past few months, said yesterday that Sir Tim Berners-Lee [See "Tim Berners-Lee Defends Net Neutrality" - here] had been asked by ministers to work alongside ISPs on guidelines to help broadband companies expand their commitment "to cover managing and maintaining the open internet".

See "Broadband minister asks ISPs to better 'regulate' industry" - here.

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