Thursday, March 10, 2011

DPI/PCC Deployments (56): UCell [Uzbekistan] Selected Comverse for QoE and Personalization

Comverse announced that " UCell selected Comverse Mobile Internet Hub (MIH) for its end-to-end policy, enforcement and charging solution with Deep Packet Inspection (DPI) & Traffic Optimization .. replacing legacy billing and mobile broadband solutions".

Ucell (part of TeliaSonera Group) has more than 7M subscribers, and is the 2nd largest mobile operator in Uzbekistan. Recently, Comverse announced that the MIH product line is part of the company's strategic plan, named Comverse 3.0 (here and here).

See "Uzbek Mobile Operator Taps Comverse to Enhance and Monetize Mobile Broadband Traffic Growth" - here.

TeliaSonera said last year that the group develops a "Value-based Pricing" model (here) which requires such infrastructure (policy-based DPI, personalization and content based charging). One other member of the group, Yoigo, implemented DPI gear from Procera (here) for a different aspect the same concept. The group seems to be very open about its plans and implementation, which is still not common among operators.
Mahbuba Sadikova (picture), Chief Marketing Officer, UCell said - "The combination of Comverse MIH policy and enforcement capabilities and Comverse ONE tools will enable UCell to act with greater speed and ease to introduce effective segmented/personalized data plans based on both network and subscriber dimensions, to better meet the unique needs and preferences of our users. The close linkage will also enable us to intelligently control network data congestion and quality of service issues to ensure a superior personalized user experience."

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